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RELIANT PROCESSING CENTER, INC. is a full-service contract Mortgage Loan Processing Center. We can help you realize your goal of closing more loans. Our processors are skilled in processing conventional, non-conforming, construction, government, streamline, and home equity loans.

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Why not outsource your loan processing?

Your competition is...

Loan processing is arguably the most tedious, labor-intensive, yet critical task in the mortgage industry. The complexities of changing loan products and programs take the focus of your valuable time away from your area of expertise--loan origination. As an originator, increasing sales is the heart of your business, not pushing paper. By outsourcing your processing you can increase your internal productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profit.

Loan processing is our primary business. We can help you realize your goals!

Take a look at some of the benefits of using RELIANT PROCESSING CENTER, INC. to process your loans compared to in-house processing:

With in-house processing

  • Expensive staffing costs--payroll, taxes, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, employee benefits, advertising, hiring, training, firing, re-training, additional equipment costs, supplies.

Reliant Processing Center, Inc.

  • No staffing costs to you! We incur the entire personnel cost. No more staffing adjustments due to market changes. Our dedicated courteous team will always act in a professional manner while processing your loans.
  • Sick/absent employees--files sit if no one is there to work on them.
  • We have experienced processors to help follow through with your loans.
  • Valuable office space is used for "paperwork."
  • Your office space is now freed up for marketing and increasing sales.




Whether you would like to outsource all of your loan processing, or need a processing center for overflow support during high-volume periods, RELIANT PROCESSING CENTER, INC. is here to help. Our primary goal is to help you close more loans as efficiently as possible.

We are a hands-on owner-operated company...large enough to handle your needs, yet small enough to give you individual personalized attention.

Gain the edge! We are your mortgage loan processing solution!

Our success depends on our service to you!


Phone: (503) 487-6760
Fax: (503) 487-6762



NMLS# 1266662
Licensed in Oregon and Washington (WA lic #MB-1266662)

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